Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Princess glasses

Today we were out by the pool and I was marveling at the people there doing shots and drinking and smoking, when all of a sudden I remembered something funny that happened!
We were at the PX on base getting my husband some things he needed from this military clothing store. Maybe you know without me telling you, but the store was filled with soldiers. We were getting the girls these Army bears with shirts for them. The oldest was really excited and as we went to pay she loudly exclaimed that she would LOVE these little glasses to drink from at their princess table. Yup. Shot glasses!! I think more than one soldier had a little chuckle over that one. But I wondered if she was looking at these "cool" people tossing back shots at 2:30 in the afternoon and wondering why they were drinking out of princess glasses? I also wonder, would they feel less cool if she asked them that? Who knows!

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