Monday, April 7, 2008

I made the list

At our gym they have this program where you can go to a computer in the gym and type in your id number. This number works on all the machines and tracks everything you do and gives you points for it. These points do absolutely nothing, but it is fun. Well, every month they post the top 30 for cardio, weights, number of workouts and pounds lifted. I have been striving to make it up and I did!!! I was number 30 for my amount of cardio exercise for the month of March and then when I went to log out I had enough points to be promoted to the Yellow Level!!! Again, that means NOTHING but I was thrilled nonetheless!!!
Now I have to share something that made me curious. Here is a sign I passed yesterday. "Unique Pain Clinic. Legitimate pain control." That was it. Nothing else. Any thoughts?


Trinka said...

Good for you!!! See ... we adults like stars on OUR reward charts too. :)

Hmmm ... "legitimate" pain clinic ... maybe ... but "lawful"? I'm dubious!

Anonymous said...

Pain clinic... No idea if it cures it, reduces it or give it.

Kristen & Cliff said...

HAHAHA!!! Me either! Thanks for the congrats!