Tuesday, April 22, 2008


You'd think that I would already be used to the frequent disappointments I keep experiencing but I am not. Last night I was talking with my husband and he sounded rather sad. I quickly learned why. We are not ALLOWED to go hang out with him during his new "free" time. Also they are basically free to go in the radius of about 1 block. Yeah. Not as great as we were expecting. We had this idea of two nights a week me coming over and letting the girls play while I proof read his papers and drilled him over his required knowledge. Poof. That dream is now gone. I was really sad, but we are allowed to come and pick up his laundry. So tonight I am taking homemade bread for him and picking up stinky socks!! Hey, I knew there was a silver lining here somewhere! =) Anything to see him!!


Kathlyn said...

That stinks, so sorry Kristen. . . one evening I rushed over to the barracks after work to see Seth, he said he would be a little later so i went to the laundry mat and did my laundry. 3 hours later, the cadre decides not to let the guys have their free time afterall :( He did get to run out to the car really quick to get a water bottle so I ended up waiting 3 hours in return for 3 minutes. . . it was still worth it :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

That's what I think too!!! I met another officer wife today and she has kids! She lives right around the corner so I am real excited! How's work? When is the jump we get to come watch?

Kathlyn said...

the jump is next week, I will let you know as soon as I know details :) scaryyyy and that is great about the kids!!! I am sure the girls love that.