Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I heard from him again tonight and he sounded so much... perkier? I am sure he is cringing inwardly at my choice of words! Sorry, hubby! It did my heart good to hear that. He had his best ever PFT score and said he was slightly above average compared to most scores!! They did a rope exercise that was easy and fun for him too. He was really tired and ready for his first shower in 3 days!!! They have not been able to unpack until tonight and so they have been unable to shower. (can you imagine the odor of 100+ men in 80 degree heat, running everywhere they go ALL day and night and no showers????)
Our oldest daughter had a bad day at school. Her anxiety was in over drive. Then she was stressing because we sold the motorcycle.
Another positive is we now OFFICIALLY have a signed contract on the house!
Now we can hope for more good news tomorrow.....


Trinka said...

One shower in 3 days ... yikes. The place must smell worse than the church building during VBS week (and I can't imagine a worse smell than that!) :)

I'm glad his PT is going well, and I hope your (and the girls') day goes better today.

All the stress you've all got is certainly understandable - we'll pray that God provides uncommon peace for you & the girls as you wait for life to get back to a more normal state again.

Bryan said...

Highest every score? And his was well above the average? That is most excellent news! Congratulations! This is going to be even easier for him than I thought!!