Friday, April 11, 2008

Unicorns, men in dresses and the emergency room

My day involved everything in the title of this entry. Curious? Good!
First, I slept all night with both girls because the oldest was keeping us all awake with her cough. By morning I could tell she was running a fever. I guessed around 100 and she was crying, moaning and lethargic. Being away from home, no help from family and no friends here I was moments away from panic. So, I called the base and they said to bring her to the E.R. We did (it was FREE) and she was in and out in an hour! Hooah! It was great! PLUS, she did have a fever, but no strep and her lungs are clear. Her tonsils were red and she has pharangitis. So we gave her motrin and tussin and she perked up within 2 hours and was ready to eat again!
We got our apartment leased and moved in everything in the van! It was exciting! Then I did a practice drive to the barracks so that we will not get lost again! it was easy this time. Thanks goodness!
That leads me to the rest of the title. We were walking around again at the barracks when this H*U*G*E MAJORLY Strong looking 6'4 (?) black man walked past and the youngest says quite loudly, "Look! There goes another unicorn wearing a dress like Daddy!" WHAT?!?!?! I about died!!! I know he heard but he just ignored us. So then things start falling into place. She kept telling me things aobut unicorns. Evidently she thinks the uniforms look like dresses and that the people wearing them look like unicorns. Could it be the berets??? I have no idea! It was good for a laugh though!
Tomorrow is THE day!!! Hopefully we will have photos on Tuesday!


Trinka said...

"dress uniform" ... "unicorn wearing a dress"? Maybe?

So glad she's OK, and you're in your new place.

I hope your day today is delightful!!!

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Claire said...

Kristen... I was laughing when I saw the title to your entry. I have to agree with Trinka because I was thinking the exact same thing. Kids and their funny way of seeing and hearing things! I am glad that Kayla is OK, and that you got to move some things into your apartment. We read Cliff's blog today too and it looks like you all maybe got to see each other for a while today. Post an update when you can. We're praying for you all.

Retro Gal said...

I am sitting here at work, cracking up laughing. Your kids are cute :)