Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy news!

Nothing too exciting happened here with me and the girls. We went to the gym, swam and played. Nothing real big. BUT then my husband called and said that during Memorial Day they will be off base overnight from Sunday through Tuesday!!!!!!! YEA!!!!! See, two weeks before Memorial Day they go into the field. Literally. There will be no contact. We are not even sure if he will be in the barracks on the weekend. During field they live in tents and shower in ponds etc. Sounds pleasant, huh? He will be VERY good at that part of his training!! He has a great sense of direction. But we were really sad about that whole time not seeing each other etc. So needless to say we are THRILLED with the latest development!!
Oh, by the way, his eye is better today, but not completely. He also has his first leadership position this week. He will be graded on it. It's major, so please be remembering him daily.


Trinka said...

I'm glad you have that time to look forward to and that his eye is doing better.

Anonymous said...

Yayyy! I guess we'll see you then!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had the weekend together,
and that his eye is better.
I know he will enjoy the pond baths!