Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home free

I am so glad to be home!! I drove a total of 8 hours today with no relief and only 2 very quick stops. I cannot stand long stops when you KNOW you want to be home. Plus I knew I had to get the garbage lugged out, take out the recycling, unload the van, unpack and get the girls settled and into their beds. THEN I get to sit around and wait for the phone to ring! =)
Last night the phone did not ring. He called this morning and said they were given a smoke session. I will not steal his thunder as I imagine you will be reading about this lovely experience on his blog in the near future! =)
The girls were SO incredibly great on this trip! They never fussed about the drive. Then I put them to bed and they were out like lights!
Now if only I can get this phone to ring.....


Anonymous said...

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Trinka said...

This single parent thing is rotten! I'm glad you only have to do it for a little while!

Good for you on getting so much accomplished in driving, moving, packing, etc., by yourself. You're quite the resourceful woman!