Friday, June 19, 2009


My dad took us out for Chinese today and we learned that "ye-ye" is the Chinese word for Grandpa. The girls have latched onto this name and have been using it.... a lot! It has been cute! This morning my dad took me and the girls to this old fashion candy shop. They had barrels of candy and you just take a bag and fill it. He told the girls they could fill it about half-way. The genius looked over the candy carefully and would take one little piece at a time. The hippie whooshed in and grabbed heaping hand fulls, spilling it onto the floor! It was a riot! I wish I had the camcorder with me so I could have captured it. Then we had the aforementioned Chinese lunch. He took us to an old mill and we got to explore and see how things used to be made. We took a walk over the grounds and they found a tiny baby bird who had fallen out of her nest. It was very sweet. My mom got off work and we all went to this designer candy store. I got my hubby a specialty dessert to take home. I will have to try and get a photo of it. The candy was unbelievably gorgeous and everything is edible. It was amazing! After all that, my mom and I took the girls to the lake. Now I need to quit blogging and go eat our pizza dinner! Night, night!

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