Saturday, June 13, 2009

Swimmingly Great Saturday

First thing this morning, the girls, my friend and I all hit some garage sales. We really did not find that many, but I loved having a patient garage sale buddy! We dropped her off at home and I decided to take the girls swimming. Oh my goodness, we had fun! I think we stayed about 3 hours and they loved it! The 6 year old went down her first water slide..... many times! As we were leaving, there was a free bouncy room and they had it to themselves for around 10 minutes! We came home, got cleaned up and went to our friends house for a cookout! The day flew by and tomorrow my hubby should return to me!!!! Yea!!!!

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Kristan said...

Yea for tomorrow, it has finally come.For tomorrow is today. I hope you have a sweet reunion!