Saturday, June 6, 2009

Party #6

We had the oldests' birthday party today and it was wonderful!

We had a yummy picnic lunch of hot dogs and chips. The birthday girl wanted everyone to decorate their own cake, so I made cupcakes and we all decorated our own. It was fun and much quicker and easier than baking a cake! I am a fan of this idea!!!

They both caught butterflies, which have been added to our mounted collection. They were so cute and proud and happy! We opened gifts and the oldest got some really cook stuff! Clothes, books, lots of things for her new bike and a microscope that hooks up to your TV and shows all sorts of cool things on it.

After all the party festivities we hit the kids expo and they were able to color with flowers, pet a corn snake, look at flowers up close through a microscope and learn about caterpillars and bees. Oh, and I forgot to mention the nature hike that kicked off the party! Mr. Joe led us on a hike and we had to find hidden unnatural things in the surrounding woods. Coincidentally, it was also some fairy celebration and there were at least 30 fairy homes built all around. They were made out of stuff from the woods, but they were so intricate and amazing! We had a great day and all of us are worn out. We came home and played with gifts and I made the oldests favorite pasta dinner with seasame broccoli. Yum. Now they are sleeping and we are all going to have some brownies!


Kristan said...

I can't belive Kayla is 6. I also can't belive you all have been gone for a year and a half now. I miss you guys. Tell K, Happy birthday for us. It sounds like you had a really great day! Great cake idea!

Allison said...

Those are great pictures. I can't believe she is six already. It doesn't seem like that long ago that I saw you, but Kayla was only 3 months (or somewhere around there). So that means it's been six years since I've seen you.