Sunday, June 21, 2009


My poor hubby in going through the Gauntlet right now (Father's Day) and will be there for his birthday as well. The girls and I are really missing him tonight. It was hard sitting through a Father's day sermon without him by my side.
On the positive side... we did get to go to church with MY dad who was preaching the sermon!
Now the girls and I are back home and they are sleeping like babies. They seem unable to sleep at my parents house because they never want to miss a moment. While there they had bike rides, scooter rides, trip to a lake, to a pool and to a bouncy place. We ate out, we ordered pizza, we grilled out, we had ice cream, they walked and scootered around town and to the bakery each morning, went to the park, played in the church gym, colored and played numerous board games, played in a fountain and saw a movie. Now do you understand the lack of sleep? They also seem to think it is their personal mission to be with Nana AT ALL TIMES. My poor mom cannot take a sip of water with out two little girls watching or helping. It's very sweet. As for my dad, they feel it is their duty to tease him from the moment they wake him up (5:30 a.m.) by jumping on his belly... til they go to bed and run up the stairs yelling goofy things at him. They are worn out!
We had a great time but are ready for our normal routine again.

I did not get many photos but here are a few from our swimming time with Nana and Gampy!

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