Sunday, June 28, 2009

God and Toothbrushes

Just a quickie blog before I head out to church. I had another funny conversation with the kids last night at dinner time. We were sitting and eating and talking about things like swimming and stuff. We were talking about swim lessons Monday and what the girls are excited about. The hipppie blurts out with, "I really like toothbrushes a lot, but God is ever better than toothbrushes huh? Does he ever go potty?" Huh? Sometimes she can make my brain hurt... but in a good way, ya know? =)
We got to drive on base yesterday and see my hubby hard at work. They were at the wash rack. That is where they clean the tanks! It was really cool to watch and from this side it looked like lots of fun! I parked and the girls climbed in the back to watch for him. The genius hopped on the top of the seat and was laying on her belly. I said, "What are you doing sweetie?" She said, "I'm looking for the enemies!" Ha!!!!!

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Trinka said...

Swimming - toothbrushes - God ... yeah ... definitely a connection (somewhere!) :)

"looking for the enemies" ... cute! :)