Wednesday, June 24, 2009

600th post

I cannot believe I have blogged 600 times! We just returned from swim lesson number 3 and I had to share the hippies antics. For those who know her, and know her well, you know she has been to the ER once, fallen into a lake, a pool and had poison control called on her 3 times. Today she added to the list! We were at the lesson and the teacher is doing an awesome job! She had them go to the 4 ft. deep water and practice. Then she took them to the diving board in the 12 ft. deep water. There are three girls in the class, our two and another 4 year old girl. The other girl was scared, but ours wanted to jump off the diving board. They each jumped to the teacher maybe 6 or times. Then the teacher went and held the other girl to jump off with her. Well, when she was holding her and jumped off.... the hippie just leapt into the 12 ft. water! She just started swimming! The teacher had her arms full of the scared girl and just cheered for the hippie! That little tyke made it across the pool!!!!! I was floored! Then they did the water slide and the hippie did it again! What a water bug! We seriously need a pool!
Another praise regarding the hippie.... she finished her three long months of medication today!!!! So far, all her toe nails look great! Thank you Lord!


Belinda said...

What a little fish! Yay for clear toenails!

Kristan said...

Cool! Very impressive!