Monday, June 1, 2009

New Horse

Exciting day here! We had our oldests' 6 year check up!!!! She had hearing, vision and spine check etc. and all is healthy! I am always so thankful to hear that news! The youngest had her 3 month check up for her toe issue and..... CLEAR!!!! Praise the Lord! I was SO happy! As long as her pinky nails grow in good then we are good to go! I was so relieved! After all those errands we came home to play and then went to soccer and the youngests' new horse riding lessons. She is now on a horse named Megan and she misses Sunshine but is glad to be on a big horse. Plus this saddle is English and she said she likes English better. She said that she likes riding horses better than anything! I guess she has "horse fever" officially!
Yesterday we took the girls to see "Up". Even if you do not have kids, it is worth seeing. My husband and I were laughing so hard! I will admit to crying during one part, but it was a great movie! Completely clean and very cute and a very, very good moral message interwoven. If only Disney would put their talents to more movies like this one. It was awesome!


Trinka said...

Glad to hear both girls are healthy!

I'm also glad that youngest is riding English. It develops a better rider, as there is more contact with the horse, and tends to create a better riding posture. (Western saddles are often described as "Lazy-Boys") :)

Luke said...

We went and saw Up last night and enjoyed it as well.