Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to Normal (sort of)

I cannot express how wonderful today was! The girls seemed to recover from all the extra attention and extra sugar at my parents house. Today they returned to normal and I can deal with normal SO much better! We just had a great day together! They were back to their smiley, bug catching selves! We had a swim lesson and they did GREAT! The only downside was the hippie. She must have had a reaction to chemicals in the pool. Her eyes were red and swollen and bothering her for about 3 hours after. Anyone else ever get this? If so, what did you do? After swimming we came home and did school. We headed to the store to get goggles (due to the hippie's eyes) and then played outside for 3 hours! I got the garage cleaned, finished reading a book and did our yard work! We came in and I made their fav. homemade mac-n-cheese and we snuggled and watched Little House. I feel so great! Now, it would feel completely normal if my hubby were just here. I have been missing him like CRAZY! He is just the best thing ever!

Ok, don't read the story about the genius if you have a weak tummy. Stop here if you do. If you don't, or are just morbidly curious, then read on. Today in school we were learning about how we get clean water up into the faucets in our house. It was really interesting and I was learning too. Along with that we learned about how the dirty water leaves our house. I really and truly did not focus on the leaving part very much. But they evidently got the drift. The oldest went potty and came running and screaming (happily) into the dining room. "MOMMY!!!!!!! I had to go poopie and guess what? I saw the peanuts I ate yesterday! So, guess what??? Now they are going out of our house with the dirty water because I flushed them and the toilet got empty which means those peanuts and poop are gone!" Well, we call her the genius for a reason! =) she learned the lesson well! LOL!

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Trinka said...

Poor hippie! Hope the goggles do the job for her.

Oh ... genius ... I do hope this current interest doesn't stick for long. (Though the plus side ... it might encourage consistent flushing!)