Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back for 2

MY husband made it back all in 1 piece! Sadly, he will be leaving again in about 48 hours, but this will be for the Gauntlet! I hate when he is gone but LOVE when he comes home! It is so fun making things special! Tonight he came home to a steak, plenty of all his favorite cold drinks in the fridge and his favorite ice cream in the freezer. The down side is eating all his favorites puts him right to sleep.... which is where he is now. Oh well!
I asked the girls today what they thought about when they laid in bed at night. The 6 year old said, "Nothing." The four year old said, "I think about horses. I think if I want to drive the horse to the bathroom which hand do I pull and if I want to go outside which hand do I pull?" What a little horse lover! Later she was playing with her big white horse. She flipped the horse upside onto her head and said, "Sorry honey, I gotta clean your hooves cause you got them all dirty." She truly LOVES horses!

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