Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girl time

I had a great morning! While the girls were at VBS, I met up with my friend and enjoyed some yummy McDonald's coffee! It seems like it has been so long since I just had some down time like that... and I liked it! I am happy VBS will be over tomorrow though. It has been making the girls extra tired. In fact, tonight they ended up being pretty naughty and I put them to bed about 30 minutes early and the went to sleep. I told them they could look at books, but they just laid down and went to sleep.
I am feeling real bad for my husband because of all the storms we are having. I hope they are letting them sleep inside at night.
The girls caught another frog today.... sadly he did not live to see another day. I think he was literally loved to death. He was very small though. They tried to revive him by throwing it into water. I am not sure it helped!


Kristan said...

Poor frog. Being loved to death has got to be the best way to go! At least he wasn't stepped on, or run down by a car or eaten.

Trinka said...

We've got to put out some kind of amphibian-alert system. :)