Monday, June 15, 2009

Introducing the Genius and the Hippie

My husband has a blog. In his blog he refers to our oldest as "The Genius" and the youngest as "The Hippie". I was talking about blogging with my friend and she was asking permission to post photos of our girls and she said, "But I won't use their names." It made me think how I get so tired of writing "the oldest" and "the youngest". My husband feels it is still in their best interest to refrain from using their real names.... so I am copying his monikers for them. The oldest will now be called the Genius and the youngest the Hippie. I think I will like it better and the names are reflective of their personalities.
So, the hippie is quite fond of asking really, really deep questions. The other day she asked, "IF God loves everyone why does He let some go to the bad place?" Yesterday it was, "If God made everything, did He make the bad place too?". Here is the cute one though. "Mommy, who is your prince? 'Cause I know even after you get married your daddy is always your prince. Even after I get married Daddy will be my prince, but who is yours?" Talk about perfect timing for Father's Day! My husband really wanted me to blog that because he wants to remember it forever. We have sweet girls!


Anonymous said...

So cute. How did you respond to her deep questions?

Kristen & Cliff said...

Ummm, various answers. Too long to post as a comment! LOL!

Trinka said...

They're perfect names. :)

So ... what ... you find it hard to respond to free will, predestination, and the existence of evil in one blog comment? Humph. What's your problem? ;)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Trinka.... yeah.....pretty much....yup =)