Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boots forever?

The youngest asked me today, "Will I be able to keep my boots in Heaven?"

I am loving having the girls go to VBS this week. I am getting so much done and just loving it! I will be ready for our regular schedule to resume but will enjoy this while it lasts. The girls are having SUCH a blast! I guess the theme at this VBS is Moses. Today they learned about the plagues and pharoh and all that. I guess they played a relay game where they were jumping frogs. Here is what the oldest said, "We had to jump like frogs from 1 man to another man. I was going so high and every time my brain was thinking, 'Wow! This is high! Wow! This is high! Wow, this is HIGH!' every time and then at the end 1 man told me I was the highest jumper!"

I just think our girls are awesome!

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Trinka said...

How sweet!!!! :) So glad they (and you) are having a good VBS week. :)