Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gampy's Early Father's day

We had planned on going to a lake today, but alas, we awoke to rain. We changed our plans and decided we would celebrate father's day early for my dad. He wanted to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. YUM! So we all hit the road... he rode in the FAR back of the mini van. We ate a yummy lunch. Then he got to shop in Bath and Body, works, watch our girls play in a fountain, get really, really wet by the girls =) and go to the "Hannah Montana" movie! Sounds perfect huh? He really did have a good day though. We all did.
When we came home from all the festivities, the hippie said, "Ok. I am ready to have the party in my room now." I asked her what party. She said, "Remember? I told you this morning I wanted to have a party in my room. I just need to get it set up and figure out what all I want to do 'cause we can do anything we want!" She trips up the stairs and gets ready. She called us all up and we found she had set her bed, placed reading books by the rocker, got out crayons and paper, and had marbles out to play with. It was neat! Then she asked me to read this new book. It was a real cute one about a gingerbread baby who cannot find a friend. It got to the end and said something about what do you think the baby found. The genius said, "A friend!!!" The hippie said (in a very serious voice), "A Chicken." I will leave you to contemplate that answer now. Good night!


Trinka said...

Don't you just wish you could follow the train of thought that led to "A Chicken"? :)

Sounds like a great day!


Paula Kathlyn said...

A chicken? I am so confused! :)