Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For the love of horses

Last night the youngest had her new lesson. Remember Megan the new horse? =) Anyways, she came home with part of a horse hoof. Evidently the ferrier had been out trimming hooves and she collected a piece. Today I was cleaning out the van, when I smelled something foul. It. Was. The. Hoof piece. I threw it out into the grass. Late in the day we were out playing and she said, "Mommy, my horse foot!" I explained about the gross odor. She said, "I don't mind. I love it. I loves horses and they can smell weird. It's ok. I love horses (kiss the foot), I love horses (kiss the smelly thing again)..." It was half cute and half gross. Just thought I'd share!


Trinka said...

Love it! :)

If you still had Slushy, she, also, would LOVE the smelly horse hoof. :)

Kathlyn said...

Oh that is so yucky and funny. I am such a germ freak. If I saw Caleb doing that I would just have to pass out!

Luke said...