Thursday, June 25, 2009

Helicopters and Pom Poms

Our oldest can be SO funny but usually does not mean to be funny! I have to tread a fine line as to when I laugh with her. Today we were on our way to the weekly therapy appointment and an Army helicopter flew over our van. The Hippie said, "It's DADDYYYYYYYYYY". The Genius said, "No honey. That's not daddy in the there. But someone else's Daddy is in there. Our Daddy drives tanks, remember? But wait, what if Daddy was so excited to come home from the field that the helicopter landed in our street and all the daddies hopped out shaking pom-poms and yelling, 'Go Wife' and rang all the doorbells for their wife! Wouldn't that be great?" I said, "I would love Daddy to come shake pom-poms and cheer for me!" Can't you just picture it too?

1 comment:

Trinka said...

He's such a good sport, it just could happen... after all, there is the tiara-to-work incident as a precedent. :)