Thursday, June 25, 2009

Say What?

I am posting a ton of photos and hope you liked them! Gotta show off our great kids!
You have GOT to read this conversation that took place in our van. To make it quicker... M = Me, G = Genius and H = Hippie.
On our way to horse riding lessons.
G - I saw a bird!
H - Was it a bald eagle?
G- NO! I have never seen one like it! It was white with black polka dots all over it!
H - I see white birds!
G- They weren't this white bird!
H - Oh, what kind was it?
G - What kind was it Mommy?
M - I have no idea! I did not see it. You will have to check your bird book when we get home.
G- It's not in there.
M - (thinking of the 200+ page bird book) How do you know?
G - Is it in there?
M- It could be. We will have to look.
G- But I wanna know the name.
M - The names are in there as well as what they eat and where they
H - MOMMY! I think I have a boo-boo in my mouth!
M - Oh. Are you ok?
G - Where is it?
H- Right haarrrhs (With fingers in mouth)
G - Oh, that is supposed to be there.
H- Is it soft on your mouth?
G- Yep and fuzzy
H - Is it fuzzy?
G - Yes.
H - Mommy do you have a fuzzy thing too?
M - I don't think so. Does it hurt?
H - I am pretty sure God doesn't use glue to put our arms on.

If you read through that, can you understand why some nights I am SOOOOO tired? I love them both though!

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Trinka said...

The funny thing is they understand each OTHER and follow these trains of thought without a single derailment. :)

Praying for your day today (and C's!)