Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trip to see a T-Rex!!!!

Today was really fun and tiring too! I met some lady friends and we took our kids to a museum (let me add all the kids were ages 2-4)! Then we ate at a McDonald's and let the kids run wild! We all had a real nice time. I thought, as far as education, that the day was a waste until we got home. I took the girls outside and they had their shovel. They went into their box and started digging in. I asked what they were doing and they informed me that this was dig site and they were finding dinosaur bones! They said, "We need sand, water and shovels so that we can find the fossils and bones hiding in here." Then the youngest sifted dirt through her fingers and was singing, "Daddy/daughter sand." (Hubby you know where she got that don't you? Your daddy/daughter dance!!!) Then we were swinging and the oldest said, "This is fun!" The youngest said, "This makes me happy! I miss Daddy a little less when I swing like this." Several times today they would just say they were thinking of him etc. So sweet!
Here is our latest prayer request... we are planning to go see him on April 11th and we want him to be available OBVIOUSLY!! So there you go!!!!


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I will pray!

It sounds like such a nice day today - I'm so glad. :)