Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scaredy cat

We are rolling around in our living room laughing our heads off right now! Our cat who can stand up to thirty kids running around, getting her feet stepped on, tail pulled ad ears stretched is TERRIFIED of my dad's singing voice!!! We noticed today that he started singing and she bolted out of the room!!! It started a chain of events where she'd come back in and he'd sing opera and she'd bolt! I know it sounds mean, but when your husband is away you need a reason to laugh!
Then we were all sitting here doing this crazy internet thing. Take your right foot and put it on the ground. Start rotating it CLOCKWISE. Got it? Ok, so keep doing that and take your RIGHT hand and make a figure 6. HA! Your foot switched directions didn't it. We must have done it a thousand times and we were all looking loony!
I got to talk to my husband TWICE today! He sounded good and updated his blog too!
We have had a positive day here. I have a brand new appreciation for my husband as I am single handedly packing our house. Ugh. Make me miss him all the more!
The girls are asking a lot more questions about him and just talking about "daddy likes this etc."
They got lots of outdoor play time today! That was fun! More tomorrow!!!!


Trinka said...

How funny! Poor Daisy. At least she chooses to be terrified by something that's not going to happen constantly. :)

I'm glad you all had a good day!

Anonymous said...

That foot thing is insane. Josh and I did it and laughed our heads off last night. BTW, doesn't the Army pay people to pack up for you?