Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 Year old hilarity

I know you have read about this in the past, but the three year old was HILARIOUS today!!! She was riding in the van with her sister and said, "Sissy, close your eyes and reach your hand over here." Sister did and she promptly scratches her hand. Sissy says, "MEAN GIRL!" The three year old says, "Do it again." Sissy does it and the younger squeezes her fingers. Now there was some discipline involved here, but seriously, how funny is that?
Then they had stickers while I was in the shower and were warned if stickers were anywhere other than the paper, the stickers would be thrown out. Well, the youngest was awfully quiet and when I looked in on her she said, "Sooorrryy". She had PLASTERED stickers all over her sister's cup.
Tonight her sister turned the tables though. The youngest asked her to come to turn on the bathroom light for her because she can't reach it. The oldest said, "HRRRRHHHHH, ______ this is the last time I am doing things for you. It makes me too tired!"
I think they are great kids and they brought a LOT of laughter to me today, even if I did have to hide it!!


Trinka said...

their little lives are just bursting with drama. :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Tell me about it! =)