Thursday, March 6, 2008

Looney Toons

Our youngest has pretty much always been fascinated with nature. When she was 2 she asked the name of every tree and shrub we passed. The trend has really continued. She enjoys using my husbands binoculars to look outside for birds etc. We went to a used bookstore one day and found her a book on trees and an Audubon Society book on birds. She likes me to read it to her and talk about the different birds. She is (unfortunately) not good at remembering much of anything we read, BUT she has fun. The other day we were looking at the Common Loon. Today as we were loading into our van she heard a bird outside and YELLED out to entire neighborhood, "Hey! Is that a COMMON LOON??!?!?!!?" I have laughed about that all day long!!!


Trinka said...

She DOES remember what you read. :) She remembered the loon. :)

And I guarantee, if she hears one ... she won't forget that sound!

Kristen said...

Hopefully not! =)