Saturday, March 22, 2008


This was sent to me by a friend and it was exactly the kind of reminder I needed.

Wait on the Lord. Psalm 27:14
"I am thy sheild. Have no fear. You must know that
"All is well." I will
never let anyone do to you both, other than My Will
for you.
I can see the future. I can read men's hearts. I
know better than you
what you need. Trust me absolutely. You are not at
the mercy of Fate, or
buffeted about by others. You are being led in a
very definite way, and
others, who do not serve your purpose, are being
moved out of your Path
by Me.
Never fear, whatever may happen. You are both being
led. Do not try to
plan. I have planned. You are the builder, not the
Go very quietly, very gently. All is for the very
best for you.
Trust me for all. Your very extremity will ensure My
activity for you.
And having your foundation on the Rock--Christ,
Faith in Him, and "being
rooted and grounded in Him," and having belief in My
Divinity as your
Corner Stone, it is yours to build, knowing all is
Literally, you have to depend on Me for
everything--everything. It was
out of the depths that David cried unto Me, and I heard his voice. All
is well."

That really inspired me and spoke to me. I have also started reading the book my husband bought me before he left called "Hope for the Homefront". It is awesome so far! It helped me feel encouraged last night. I still did not sleep hardly a wink, but I felt better! That has to count for something!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying. Please keep it up!


Trinka said...

What a blessing!

Praying for both of you, and thankful he was allowed time for a quick email and blog entry!

Kristen & Cliff said...

Me too. At the moment the sun is shining and I feel very optimistic, if only this would continue at night....