Monday, March 17, 2008


Our oldest daughter has been saving her allowance and birthday money since she turned 3. About 1 year ago she told us that she wanted to save it to buy an electric ride on toy. I was shopping for a baby shower present last week when I saw a Groovy Girls motorcycle an sale for $144. We counted her money and our little 4 year old had it! Yesterday we took her down and it took every penny, but she had it! Now she is proud owner of a very cute little motorcycle!! We are taking them out today to ride it around.
OF course, our 3 year old wanted to spend her money too and she spent every penny on a HUGE stuffed bunny. It is pink, a BOY and she named him "Ballerina".
They are both SO excited! I was so proud of the oldest, but I feel bad about how long it will take to save for her again. I am just praying that it was a good lesson and that she can (both of them really) get an early understanding of money.