Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He's gone

Well, the moment has come and gone. Honestly, it was both worse and better than I expected. He actually did worse than I thought he would. We woke up and he cried most all morning. For me, it was crazy things. I lost it when I poured his last cup of coffee and then after my shower when I saw some of the "shaved pieces" of his hair in the sink. When he got out of the van and I came to hug him, MAN, it was awful! I got back in the van, laid on the wheel and bawled like a baby. I was gagging (thank goodness we could not eat breakfast!). Our poor girls were in their car seats saying, "Mommy, we'll take you on a date, please stop crying, you can have my doll, if you stop crying you can have a reward chart." etc. Of course that was making it worse. I started driving and had to stop because I could not see. Someone had told me to MAKE plans for right after. I took the girls and we went to the beauty school. We all got haircuts and I let them have Burger King for lunch. I got home and put them down and realized that I was hungry for the first time! I have seriously lost 4 pounds in the past week. Now that the moment is over, I feel ok. I keep choking up, but I am fortunate to have the girls to keep me going and my family here to talk to.
I think we can make it though. I am trying to focus on the excitement and benefits of the military lifestyle. Please keep us in your prayers!


Trinka said...

I've been thinking about you all today. It must be hard on Cliff sitting by himself on a bus today!

Will he have email & his cell phone there?


Kristen & Cliff said...

Yes he will!

Anonymous said...

God is with you! And people are praying for you. We always meet to depart and depart to meet. (someone real smart said that, not me)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Thanks Jenn! He is in holding tonight at MEPS about 2 hours away. That stinks! I should be able to talk to him frequently until the 31st.
I will chat with you later!