Saturday, March 1, 2008

Size matters

The other day we were getting ready to leave and our oldest says, "Mommy, why are you a small mommy. Most other mommies are big mommies but you are a little Mommy." I told her that was just how God made me, had a laugh with my husband and thought that was the end of it. Then that night we were carrying in groceries or something and she tells her daddy, "You better carry all the heavy things because mommy is just a little mommy and she can't do things like that." I thought, "Ok, this is the end of that." Then I was eating a salad at lunch, "Do you just eat lots of salads because you are a little mommy and that's what little mommies like to eat because they are healthy and salads make you big and strong like other mommies and our daddy?" At this point I am ignoring her and hoping this will stop, but NO! Last night we were getting our bathroom ready for the remodeling today. My husband left to go pick up the new tub and walls and I volunteered to chisel some tiles off while he was gone. The girls were peeling old wall paper and picking up pieces of broken tiles etc. The oldest looks at me and says, "mommy you aren't very good at that because you are a little mommy. Big mommies are better at chiseling than you are." Then I got angry and whacked off a huge chunk of about 6 tiles and she says, "Wow! That's how a big mommy does it!" Then our sweet three year old says, "I think you are good at that mommy." But I was laughing and telling my husband about this last night and said it's awful that OUR 4 year old makes me self-conscious of my 5'2" height!! His advice, "Tell her little mommies girls will grow up to be little mommies too!"


Trinka said...

how funny! You're downright statuesque compared to her 5 foot tall aunt. :)

How is she doing with talking? Your house is pretty busy these days ... how does she respond to that?

Kristen said...

She still doesn't talk at most public places and to kids she doesn't know.
She loves a busy house, but would prefer if we were on the go at all times!

Trinka said...

oh dear ... she would find her aunt deadly dull! :)

Claire said...

Well Kristen I am only 5' 3.5" tall, so I don't think I am one of the big strong mommies. :) Hey, shorties need some respect too! :)