Monday, March 10, 2008


Today Nana sat on our couch reading a book to our youngest. She got to a sentence in the book that says something about little mice with dainty feet. Nana said, "Do you have dainty feet?" The little one said, "no". Nana said, "Why?". The youngest thrust her foot in Nana's face and said, "LOOK!" It was so funny! Made even funnier if you could see the size of her feet. They are in the shape of rectangular blocks. She went from a size 3 shoe to about an 8 in literally 4 months maybe? She got all her sisters hand-me-downs, but cost us a fortune trying to find shoes that actually fit her feet. Eventually we bought a pair of crocks and she wore them everywhere because they were the only things that fit her feet without blisters and pain. Luckily her feet have slowed down. She now wears a 10 and she has been that size for close to a year. Her sister now has bigger feet and she wears an 11. Anyways, maybe you just had to be there, but it was so funny!

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