Monday, March 3, 2008

Close Your Eyes

I keep forgetting to blog about this. Our oldest daughter came to me crying the other day saying her little sister had hurt her. I asked her what had happened and here is story I got.
"well, everyday ________ tells me to close my eyes. Except when I do, she either hits me, pulls my hair or takes a toy away from me."
I said (the OBVIOUS), "Why do you keep closing your eyes when ___________ tells you to?"
"Because she says to!"
*DUH* =D
I about lost it I was laughing SO hard!! She got very angry and said it was not funny. I still think it is though. We did discipline the younger sister, but man, it was hard! She is so funny and the oldest is funny without meaning to be!!!
Sidebar, the whole close your eyes thing has happened at least twice today, but once the youngest did something nice for her sister!

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