Friday, March 14, 2008

20/20 & Blessed Day

20/20 had a segment tonight on Selective Mutism. It made me get choked up. It was great and really sounds a lot like our eldest. My husband is now scared that she won't talk to him at the end of his training. Now we all have a new area to pray for. =)
My husband and I had our last date (before OCS) tonight. We ate at Chili's and saw the movie "Vantage Point". It was VERY good! We had a great time!
Today I felt like one of the most blessed people ever. I have worked at a little coffee shop for 3 years. Today was my last day and I thought I'd get a few cards and maybe flowers or something. Boy, was I wrong. I got cards, an address book with all my customers information in there, lotions, an angel plaque, a photo frame, leather journal for my husband, thermos for our daughters with money in them and then a HUGE gift card for Lowe's for my husband and a HUGE collection of money for me. ALL my customers went together and sent the owner shopping. I was blown away. The cards I received are keepsakes and said such touching things in them. I cannot remember the last time I felt so special.


Trinka said...

Father-of-4-yr-old ... please do remember that she talks to her aunt quite freely, and she only sees her once/year or so!

Do send them pictures of yourself in the uniform though - uniforms can be scary to kids!

I'll bet that phone call I slept through was to tell me about the 20/20 piece. Nuts! I wonder if I can find it online. I'd like to see it.

How sweet that the coffee shop folks did that!!! Collecting the contact info was especially thoughtful - I don't think that would have occurred to me.

Kristen & Cliff said...

Actually we were calling about a computer issue. the 20/20 thing was great except it was listed as a bizarre medical mystery. =(
Good thought on the uniforms! He is taking a small digital with him so that I can make a scrapbook of Army stuff.