Thursday, March 20, 2008

24 hours under our belts

Like the title says, we now have 24 hours under our belts! That is a relief. I just hope we both sleep better tonight. Once I was asleep I was ok, but I had to have a pillow next to me. I really miss my husband! The girls are really fine. They ask about him a lot. The oldest said this morning that Daddy was supposed to be snuggling with her during her morning show. The youngest wondered if he was eating with us. They both want to make easter eggs and mail them to Daddy. He made them a cd (see yesterdays posts) and the youngest and I were listening to it today as we drove around (windows down). He put some crazy sounding chipmunk song sung ENTIRELY in Spanish on the cd. The little one leans close to the window and screams, "PRAISE THE LOOOORRRRDDDD!" I love that they can make me laugh even when he is gone.
We had a jewelry party at our house tonight. I had thought about canceling and am very glad I didn't. It was fun and distracting. PLUS, I bought the items I need to wear to my husbands FORMAL the night before he'll graduate Officer's School!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jewelry party! That sounds fun. How come I didn't get invited?! I'm really thinking I need to hear that Chipmunk song too. 1 day down, 95 to go!

Kristen & Cliff said...

Amen!!! If I thought you could have come I would have! I bought my stuff to wear to the formal!! Great therapy! =)