Friday, May 1, 2009

What does our daughter want for her birthday?

I LOVE to hear what our girls ask for. I guess because they do not get to watch commercials the things they ask for are pretty unique. Here is what our oldest has asked for for her upcoming birthday.
An electric cheetah that either she or her dolls could ride on.
a music box that she could keep stuff in.
A pillow holder so that she would not have a messy bed and then she can pick one pillow at a time.
And an animal holder so she can pick one doll or animal at a time too.

Is that not a sweet list? You just gotta love her!


Trinka said...

A very nice list!

I think a plastic, over-the-door shoe rack might give her a stuffed animal holder. If you could find a clear one, you could mount it horizontally behind her bed, and she could see her animals. :)

Pillow holder ... no ideas. :)

It appears this "one at a time" idea has caught on, though!

Kristan said...

I love it. I think this is why Olivia opted for the violin for Christmas instead of the latest toy. Now she wants a pink weedeater (a real one like daddy's), and a skateboard. Go figure.

The one at a time toy thing obviously is a hit!