Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Field Day

1. Wake up and realize, "oh no. Our oldest has poison ivy and with her it NEVER goes away." call the pediatrician and get a last minute appointment. Go to pharmacy and wait to get medicines.
2. Youngest decides she really wants ice cream and to get some is ready to try riding without training wheels!! Yea!!! Bicycle seat breaks. Boo. No husband here to fix it. I attempt it till I am greasy and sweaty. Give in and call neighbor. He comes out and has it fixed in less than 4 minutes. Get child on bike and have a few great runs, then wipe out and time for bandaids.
3. Realize the blinker is out and have to call and get appointment to get it fixed.
4. Lights in the kitchen went out.

I think that covers it. Seriously, it was not that bad of a day. The girls were really good and everything. I just miss my husband already. I have some fun things planned this week, so hopefully the time will be flying by!

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