Monday, May 4, 2009

Cheesy Post but true

I apologize about the potential cheesiness of the following blog entry. So read with caution.
My friend was chatting with me on facebook today. They currently have 4 kids (all boys) and pretty soon are going to start trying for number 5 and maybe someday number 6! She was talking to her husband about really wanting a 12 passenger van instead of their mini-van. They started looking into it and decided to go ahead and do it. They are shopping around but sometime soon, they will get one that is right for their family. This same husband also encouraged her to go to a women's conference over the weekend. He even had clean kids and a hot supper ready for her when she got home. My husband does these same things. He will be with the girls whenever I need him to and he never says, "I will baby-sit". He knows he is just being a dad. Tonight, even though he has lots to to, he plopped down and played candyland and read to the girls. He bathes them, feeds them, plays with them, tickles, chases and does absolutely anything they need him to do. He is such a wonderful dad! And an incredible husband too! He always encourages me to go out alone or to line up a sitter while he is gone so I can have some alone time. He surprises me with little things quite often! I have other friends with great husbands too (so please don't feel excluded). All this was to say that we are so fortunate. My girls are so lucky that they have their daddy. So tonight if you have a husband as great as mine, please take the time to tell them. Husband of mine, you totally rock!!!!!!!!


Kristan said...

I know husbands (not mine mind you-Mine is awesome) and I won't defame them or him by name, but they have never even volunteered to "babysit" much less be a dad or husband. Everytime I see this person I thank God for my husband! We've got it good sister!

Trinka said...

awwww ... what a sweetie he turned out to be. :)

Belinda said...

I couldn't have said it better! We are blessed :)