Saturday, May 9, 2009


I knew last night that I was forgetting something very funny but could not remember it until I woke up this morning. How I could ever forget this I have no idea. We were driving along yesterday and the oldest was talking to Nana on the cell phone. I looked over and saw the cutest little pudgiest bird taking a bath in a rain puddle. I told the youngest to look and took great joy in the way her whole face lit up and this sweet innocent smile spread over her face. She gave a small, very cute giggle and said in her lispy voice, "Mommy, are birds juicy?" I questioned her and what she wanted to know is..., "Well, they are always kinda round and I thought that one day if I could catch one I could sorta smush it open and see if that round is juicy stuff like a lemon. wouldn't that be neat?" How could I have forgotten that? What a hoot!

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Trinka said...

I suppose the puffy little fellow splashing in the puddle DID look juicy. :)