Friday, May 15, 2009

So, um, how's that working for ya?

Oh. My. Word. Playlands attract the weirdos. Maybe that is why we go so often! LOL! But today was crazy! There was a little boy there named Barrett. Barrett was a cute kid. It all started with, "Barrett. Come sit down and eat honey. Barrett, Come and eat. Barrett, come and sit down NOW. Barrett, I mean it. eat your food." It went on for at least 5 minutes and Barrett was blissfully playing. Then he stole a toy from another girl. His mom said, "No no Bubby, give it back." Surprisingly he complied and THEN commenced to screaming. Even MORE surprising was his mom's reaction. She said, "Awww, come here and Mommy will buy you a toy but you have to come and sit and eat." This, AGAIN, went on for about 3 minutes and he just kept screaming and playing a little. Finally she went and bodily removed him to the table, where instead of sitting he sottd on the bench. But mommy went and bought the toy. I think he ate one bite of food and grabbed the toy and hit the ground running. A few minutes later they were ready to leave. It was kinda like being at a movie that you really don't want to see the end of but cannot help but watch the whole thing play out. Here is how it all went down. "Barrett come get your shoes on. It's time to go." Blah blah they kept yelling for him till it increased to "we're gonna whip your butt." At the end of their ropes they were both pounding on the plexiglass saying, "You're gonna get it (WHILE THEY WERE LAUGHING!!!!!!!!)". Eventually, again, she had to climb in and pull him out. Then he commenced to screaming AGAIN and they put his shoes on and carried him out with promises that he could come back another day. Seriously? It was so hard not to strike up a conversation with them. I just bit my tongue and quietly praised the Lord for the sweet girls He has blessed us with.


Kristan said...
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Kristan said...

I remember the first time I let Sarah play on the playland. She was about 10 months and just had learned to walk. We were the only ones in the playland so I though it would be ok for her to climb up. She did and in come about 20 kids from the boys club. Oh I freaked out. She would not come down. I was so afraid she was going to get hurt by those kids. I kept calling and calling. I was mortified. I felt like an idiot... helpless idiot. One of the little boys (I asked him) picked her up and brought her down the slide. I'm glad that she was only 10 months old. I am always grateful that my girls generally obey me in public without too much fuss.

Trinka said...

It would be fascinating to hear the girls' perspective on Barrett's behavior! I hope we see some really naught kid while I'm there, so I can ask them. :)