Monday, May 25, 2009


The girls were outside creating masterpieces on our driveway with sidewalk chalk. The youngest was making a very happy, very pretty sun. Her sister asked if she could draw around it.
5 - Whatcha making?
4 - A sunshine
5 - Want me to draw a pink circle around it?
4 - No, that would not be very pretty.
5 - It would be very pretty.
4 - Oh, OK!
5- Want me to draw it here?
4 - No, that would not be very pretty.
5- Oh, it would be pretty.
4- Oh OK!
Can you tell who the easy going one is in our family?

Also, the cowboy boots are still in high demand. Literally the MINUTE she got out of the bath she ran and put the boots back on. I walked into her room and found her naked... with boots on. She was looking for her new outfit which she managed to put on without taking the beloved boots off! She is so sticking cute!

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Trinka said...

What sweeties. They are a good match for each other! :)