Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cookie Baking

Today was really busy and the girls were SO good for me! We had our final lesson with Sunshine the pony. It was rather bittersweet. We absolutely loved her teacher and the sweet pony. If we had land, we would have bought Sunshine. She loved our youngest. Today she seemed to sense something different and anytime the youngest was out of range Sunshine would look for her and paw the ground. She kept kissing her and nuzzling her with her head. The youngest loved it and was giving out plenty of her own kisses. She even gave the pony her favorite stuffed horse "Yipee". The rest of the day was filled with cleaning, packing and baking I don't know how many dozen cookies for my sister's graduation open house! This time tomorrow I will be there! I am glad for something to fill up the time! When we get back it will be almost time for my husband to return! Blogging may be hit or miss for the next few days, but I will try!

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Kristan said...

We are out of town too. At least the girls and I are. We can miss our husbands together and enjoy our families together to.