Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After spending a few hours outside today I told the oldest it was her turn to choose bath or shower. She said, "Well Mommy, we have a little problem. You know how sometimes when you are gone Daddy gets a little confused and doesn't know what to do? Well, yesterday it was little sister's turn to choose and she said 'bath' but Daddy did shower. I told her that if she would not get dirty today that I would choose bath for her and she did not get dirty so I want a shower but need to choose bath for her." Is that not both completely sweet (and a tad humorous as well)? I used that opportunity to talk about the importance of keeping our promises. I love being a mom!


Trinka said...

and I SO know why she's saying "not getting dirty" ... if she's taking a bath, she doesn't want dirty water. :)

Luke said...

That is both sweet and humorous. And I'm afraid I'm going to be a daddy who gets a little confused sometimes too [smile].