Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We are enjoying another gorgeous day here at our new place! My husband is at work, but we are really enjoying his schedule. He is leading all the PT (physical training) every morning for a group of guys. It's really good practice for him. In Korea, he will be responsible for it too and in his next training he will be evaluated on his abilities to lead PT. He is enjoying it too! Other than that, he is doing in-processing (PAPERWORK) and they are trying to help him get into some classes. It's very fortunate that they are trying to get him into classes because they don't have to. They can have him haul furniture or yank weeds from sidewalks if they chose to. So, God is really watching out for us. Next week they have arranged for him to take a very advanced first aid type of class and for an advanced motorcycle safety class. Both of which would be really great to have under his belt!
Apart from that we are trying to get settled some more. Last night we bought an outdoor table and chair set and sat in our "backyard" and listened to the county sounds. It was extremely peaceful and quiet. We also met our neighbor (the one who shares our duplex). He seems like a very nice guy. He has two cats!
The girls are really enjoying reading the Little House book we bought! It has been exciting to watch! We really don't think they are understanding a lot of it, but they sit so still and ask some smart questions! The 5 year old asked if they were real people! So, as soon as I am done blogging we are looking up photos on the computer to show them.
Speaking of smart questions, the other day they youngest asked how people folded fortune cookies. Hmmmmm. The oldest asked how we know where Heaven is and how come we can't see it. Hmmmmm. How long before the BIGGIE is asked, you know the one about babies? The rate they are going it'll be this time next week =)!

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Trinka said...

Oh, don't worry. They asked me that one while I was there. I told them you buy them dehydrated in packages from Costco, and re-hydrate them in the bathtub when you're ready for them to start growing.

That is right, isn't it? :)

The army provides motorcycle safety classes? That is SO cool!