Thursday, July 17, 2008

Save your soul and clean your carpets

Well, today was certainly interesting! I went to the gym with the girls this morning and we all had fun! I got in a great workout and they got to go to kiddie gymnastics. Afterwards, we went to the store to buy a steak to cook for my hubby tomorrow night!!!! This time tomorrow he may be here!!!! At home, I decided to have a picnic outside with the girls. While we were out there our neighbor came over and brought her 4 year old and some toys. All the kids played outside for awhile. Later (they were still there) two mormon boys came riding in on their bikes intent on saving our souls. They were actually really respectful. They were so hot I felt bad for them. They were literally riding down the drive when a van pulls in and this guy hops out and comes RUNNING up the drive. He spouts a bunch of mumbo jumbo telling me he'll clean our carpets for free. Guess where he was from? KIRBY! AGH!!!!! I told him we had just moved in so that was not needed. But seriously, within 5 minutes I had an offer of "salvation" and carpet cleaning... all for free!!! It was crazy, but definitely not boring!
Meanwhile, I am getting texts from my husband telling me how many people and tanks he has killed in the field and how many times he has died himself!! I told him he needs to quit that!
Tomorrow he will be home and our world will feel SOOOOOOOO right again!

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