Friday, July 11, 2008

Good night

Today the girls and I hung out around the house. We did some cleaning and painted some shirts and played in the hose. I went to Target to get a sprinkler. They actually had all their summer things on a big clearance sale!!! I got the girls 10 pairs of shoes and a sprinkler for VERY cheap! It was great! Then I took them to one of their favorite places to eat, went to a grocery store and picked up a few movies to watch. At dinner though the youngest was sitting there eating cheese fries and she says, "When God puts a baby in my belly, I will not be scared because it will be a nice baby and it won't hurt me." There was no preceding conversation, she just blurted this out. A few moments later, she says, "Mommy, I am glad you are our mommy and I love you more than a different one." I was rather floored and said, "well, next to God, I love your daddy and you girls more than anything in the world." She said, "But how much do you love us Mommy?" Oh my. I am exhausted!!!! I seriously have no idea where she gets this stuff. Crazy!

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Trinka said...

It is so interesting to get those little snapshots of what's going on in her little mind. :)

Glad she decided you were the best. I think she's right. ;)