Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Overheard in the shower mere moments ago:
#1 - let's make a dam!
#2 - Yeah!
#1 - Where's your dam stuff?
#2 - This IS my dam stuff! Where is your dam stuff?
#1 - That's my dam stuff!
#2- Well get your dam stuff and put it here.
#1 - Well, first you need to move your dam stuff so I can put my dam stuff down.
#2 - Ok. Dam stuff, dammy, dammy, dam stuff lalalalalalalalala
#1 I love my dam stuff
#2 - I love my dam stuff but not your dammy dam stuff.

About then it stopped and they were all done. Seriously, they were making a real dam in the shower and it DID work, but I was out here ROLLING and laughing my head off!
Our kids are so cute!!!!!!


Trinka said...

Oh how funny! Right now, after posting what you just did is the PERFECT time to go and read the blog I sent you in an email today. :)

Kathlyn said...

hahahahaha! I just read this to Seth, and he thought it was so funny. Hey, since Friday's plans fell through, you want to go to the water park Friday??? ... or Thursday. . .