Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Counting Down

Two weeks from now my husband will be out in Oklahoma. We have so much going on in between now and then I can tell it will just FLY by. We leave sometime on Monday to go back to where our house was and clean out our storage unit. We will be back here by Tuesday!!! VERY fast trip. We will (SADLY) not have time to connect with all our friends there. We will be arriving LATE Monday night, loading up Tuesday morning and leaving as soon as it is all loaded. Then we have two days off here at home to unpack and get our stuff sorted. With the move to Korea we have to sell a TON of our things off. We want to only take the care essentials with us. The rooms over there are very small and hardly have any storage so we need to be selective. Then NEXT Friday we leave to drive the almost 900 miles to Oklahoma. We are hoping to spend several days out there with my hubby before his class officially starts. Then when we come back our baby starts preschool. I am sad that my husband will miss that, our 7 year anniversary, my birthday and our youngest's 4th birthday! I am hoping he can fly in for Labor day weekend to come see me. The great news in all this, is that my parents are keeping the girls for us when he is coming home from OK in late September. So, I will drive alone out there and pick him up ALONE and have a slow trip back TOGETHER! We cannot wait for that part!
Other than that, we do not have much news from here. We are getting more settled every day and slowly getting to know some people. I have joined a local homeschool group and have an invite to go to a lady's house this Friday! Yea!!!!!

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Trinka said...

Whew - you DO have a lot to cram into a short time. The 2 months will fly by too ... you'll be making new friends, getting accustomed to a new church, getting used to having a school-kid (!) ... and he'll be learning new stuff and be busy too.

Looking forward to hearing about it all! We need an "Oklahoma training" blog from CTJ!