Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Today was one of those days that I would like to imprint forever in my memory just because it was so much fun! We laughed so much and the girls were cute and funny all day long! We started out our morning by making waffles. Then the girls worked their way outside to tromp around in the rain. They were playing on some rocks when the youngest fell down in red clay and tried to get up. And tried to get up. And tried to get up. She was absolutely STUCK in the red clay! My husband had to put his Army skills to the test and rescue her from the evil clay! Thankfully, all that training paid off and she was saved =). We hosed them off and they got their first bath of the day. Then we hit some garage sales and ate at this fabulous local place. Afterwards, we decided to go discover the greenbelt here in town. The girls had their bug catching equipment and we all hit the trail. As we were coming around a bend, my husband stopped us all. We looked over and there was a beautiful doe looking at us. We told the girls to walk over quietly. She just stood there and they got within about 10 feet of her when she bolted. We were so excited and kept walking and catching bugs. We came around another bend and looked over to see the same doe nursing her infant fawn. It was amazing and perfect! Eventually we left that area and went to a place where there are all kinds of ducks and geese. The girls take off and go tearing down the trail to try and catch the animals. However, these birds are used to people bringing food so they came TOWARDS the girls! All of sudden, they turned and came running back towards us! Then we saw a huge clump of geese and our oldest (who is funny when she absolutely does NOT mean to be) said, "Oh, look! It must be an Army of geeses and they are here for a class! A swimming class so they can all work on their swimming!" I seriously did not think we could stop laughing. We went across a bridge and looked down to see a very creepy looking snake. On the other side I was rushing everyone because I was nervous the snake would find us. The oldest said, "We better be quiet so the snake won't hear us, Hey wait! We don't have to be because snakes don't actually HAVE any ears!" Oh my word. My husband and I could barely walk we were laughing so hard!
After we had experienced enough nature for the day (ie: needed a potty), we hit the local Target and went to our mall for the first time. At home, we took the girls out to play in the clay again and they had their second hosing off and second bath for the day. We all played Dora candyland and then my husband and I watched a movie together! It was a great fourth and we still have three wonderful days together!

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Trinka said...

That sounds delightful! I'm so glad you had such a nice day together.