Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sniff, sniff

We found out at 15:00 that my husband is leaving in a few hours for 10 days in the field. I am a little less than excited, especially since he is getting ready to leave for 2 months!!!! It is a great experience for him though. He gets to go through the field exercise now (for free and without being graded) that he WILL be graded on later this year! He can soak this up and learn a lot and he gets to go drive a tank. And he gets to drive a tank. And shoot some big guns. And drive a tank. He is a tad excited! He also gets to sleep on the tank. Just like Snoopy he will be sleeping on the roof. Weird to picture a bunch of officers curling up on top of their M1Abrams Tanks and dozing off in the wilderness together. We are all a little sad at him leaving, but thankful that he gets this learning experience at the same time.


Trinka said...

I can recall that he used to really enjoy playing with the big yellow Tonka trucks in the sand box. This may be a similar situation. :)

Hope the two weeks goes fast and smoothly!

Jenn said...

Ugh! I always hate this feeling. You want to be excited because they're excited, but are sad they're leaving no matter where they are going.

Mine is TDY back to the US this week. I'm excited he's enjoying his conference and getting to eat good American food (yum!) but sad that I don't get to talk to him and that I have a teething toddler at home to contend with alone!

Kim said...

Hi Kristen,
This is Kim from the Times-News. Can you e-mail me your address or call the toll free no. at 1-800-251-0328 ext. 361. My e-mail address is kabsher@timesnews.net. Susan in main office needs to send Cliff some papers.